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Paddleboard Kayak in Smith Mountain Lake, VA

Set Course on a Paddleboard Kayak in Smith Mountain Lake, VA

Iconic, dependable, and virtually synonymous with the spirit of adventure, the humble kayak has become a symbol of outdoor fun for people around the world. At Smith Mountain Boat Rentals, we help customers take full advantage of the superior reliability that this seemingly simple design delivers. No matter your level of experience, you can turn your next outing into a true odyssey aboard a paddleboard kayak in Smith Mountain Lake, VA.

Our team helps you handle all the details. From supplying a lake-worthy vessel to helping you understand water safety, we provide the foundation for hours of healthy outdoor exploration. Few boats offer the same direct connection to the water and feeling of freedom that the kayak can. Discover what’s waiting beyond the bow of your rental today.

The Right Feel for Your Fun

Are you looking to turn the adventure up a notch from the traditional tranquility of the kayak experience? We’re happy to help you find something more of your speed. With diverse rental options available, there’s a vessel for every voyage. Let our experts assist as you browse our speed boats, pontoons, and other craft to pick the perfect match for your plans.